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Life Lesson's

Life Lesson #4: R E S P E C T



You’ve heard of it.  You’ve probably even witnessed it taking place.  I know I’ve certainly witnessed it NOT taking place.

According to Webster, respect is:

NounDeep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.
VerbAdmire (someone or something) deeply, as a result of their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

Respect is as individual as your finger print. Respect should not to be confused with manners, etiquette, personality, individual character or emotions of like or love (and yes, there are differences).

First and foremost, Respect For Yourself.

What he said.

What he said.

You deserve a certain level of respect, right? Do you demand it? Is it understood?

How you conduct yourself in your personal life (and in business) sets the stage for how others show their respect.

How you allows others (family, friends, colleagues, strangers) to treat you is

a vital sign and direct reflection of your own self-respect.


Second, Respect For Your Elders. Period.

The Circle Of Life.

The Circle Of Life.

Parent(s). Grandparents. Aunts. Uncles. Teachers. The next door neighbor. A complete


The “adults” in your world deserve a certain level of respect, regardless of how you feel about their character.  It does not matter how old you are at this moment. We all have people in our world that are older than we are.  They are recognizable by appearance. At other times, you have to use intuition and common sense.

You don’t have to like (or even love) someone to be respectful

of their life. Their position. Their place in this world.  


If you don’t agree, refer to the above about respect NOT being about emotions (and if you want to debate this subject, I’ve got many comparisons), etiquette, personality or character.

Being disrespectful is easy. It’s thoughtless. Dismissive.  Self-serving.

Respect takes effort.  It takes understanding. It requires us to look beyond our own weaknesses and inabilities, to fully recognize those whom we come into contact with.


The End.


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