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Star Date: 11.01.2015

Looks like I failed at my first mission of 2015. To write a few words every day. Should not have been that difficult, so I thought last Sunday. Even Monday I was fairly confident I would prevail…

I would blame it on the weather – since it was beyond New England cold (with temps dipping into the negative double digits Tuesday and Wednesday and barely moving into the positive single digits on Thursday and most of Friday), but that would be ludicrous. The weather has no control over my ability to type or not. Siiiggghhhhh…



This past week was a mild blur. Unlike Monday’s blur, it seemed to move in slow motion until Friday morning. Tuesday’s first negative temps since last winter did not help the blur at all – nor did it seem to motivate me to be out of the office early enough in the evening before walking the 30 feet to my vehicle so not to cause numerous mind numbing that only allowed me to repeat like a broken record: “I can’t f’n believe I still live here”… “I can’t feel my f’n feet”… “Why did I park so f’n far away?.. and “You’ve got to be f’n kidding me why didn’t I leave earlier”  phrases and the ever harsh nostril freeze upon the first intake of the frigid air! On Wednesday by 3 PM I kept repeating to myself: “get out of the office now“…. “leave now“….  so I could  be home by 5 PM, working from the comfort of my cozy couch with the fire going… instead it was a viscous repeat of the night before only this time I managed to make it out of the front door 30 seconds before the auto alarm was set for the night….  Phhhhewwwww…. (not sure how I’d have explained that to my boss). I had worked late each night in hopes to somehow gain a day — only to find that by Friday morning I still felt like I was a week behind in everything.

Friday’s plan was to  drive the 2 1/2 to 3 hours north to my mothers. Old Man Winter had another plan. With the looming snow forecast on Thursday evening for the Friday morning commute, it looked like I’d have to reschedule my trip. And by 5 AM on Friday morning, the weathermen were vindicated by actually giving an accurate forecast! Snow. Not much. A dusting by our standards. But enough to cause the majority of the idiots on our planet to drive like the morons they are and put the lives of those with common sense, intelligence, compassion and good sensible driving skills at jeopardy! There were at least a 1/2 dozen reported accidents in my immediate 20 mile radius! All due to…. (drum roll please): speed!  Excessive speed on poor road conditions. It’s not rocket science folks (this is just another reason why stupid people should not be allowed to have children!).

Reduce Speed in inclimate weather...

Reduce Speed in inclimate weather…

With Friday’s original plans cancelled, I drove into the office (s-l-o-w-l-y). I honestly can’t remember if I accomplished what I had intended to, but at least I was on time for First Friday (I’ve mentioned this before – in another blog post…). This is the first one I’ve attended in … well months! We had a good turn out. More than I thought would go due to the freezing temperatures. But alas it was all good. Had the chance to chat with some colleagues I had not seen in recent months. Had a cold beer (light beer). Was at my SO’s by 6 PM! The earliest I’ve been “out of the office” all week.

Saturday I attended my first local “ladies luncheon”… not sure why some of my local friends and I have never planned one of these, but it was splendid! Great food. Great wine. Amazing woman from all around the area with diverse backgrounds. All ages. I observed. I listened. I watched. All of these woman were connected by one. The hostess. She herself is amazing in her own right. Accomplished. Successful. And she cook’s! Though I had thought that she – as busy as she is – would have had this luncheon catered, I realized that this woman, this Eszter – was far beyond the “accomplished” I knew her to be… She planned the menu. She made everything – from scratch (with the exception of the hummus, which would have potentially put her husband over the edge). She set the mood for the afternoon. I found myself in awe of most of these woman around me. Some whom I’d known for years… listening to each of them chat about this or that… realizing the hidden talents that I never knew… or the that they have the same issues with insurance companies, other people’s kids or the idiot drivers around us as I do. Telling sign that even in the most mundane of our daily chores, we are all connected. We are not alone. So similar are the trials and tribulations of life, that we ourselves do not realize that each of us are alike. In many ways…. It was a good afternoon. I would gladly attend again. Perhaps hold one in the near future. 🙂

Saturday night, we attended an Dartmouth’s (Ivy League) Men’s Basketball game against Harvard. Something we did last season as well.  We (The Big Green) lost by 11 points. Though I was able to watch 85% of the game and stay fairly focused on it and what was going on on the court, I found that I was the most annoyed with the parent(s) (of two very annoying children) who for the first almost 90 minutes of the game, did not mind their children. Children who repeatedly stomped up and down the stadium stairs just because they could!! I was seriously ready to trip both of these kids up! Forcing the parent(s) to actually take notice – that not only were they disrespectful to those of us who paid to actually watch the game, but to the poor older gentleman who was sitting right next to these two brats and feeling the brunt of their disrespect each time they “ran stomping up the stairs” and each time (less than a minutes apart) they came “stomping down the stairs” to sit — only to get back up and do it again a minute later…  If I’d been sitting closer, I would have had no choice but to say something to the parent. Even though the children should have known better at their age, I believe it’s up to the parent(s) to insure their own kids are respectful and disciplined in a public place. Children are taught. They were doing what they were being allowed to do (again, another reason why some people should not be allowed to reproduce!).

Just do it... you will be Thankful You Did!

Just do it… you will be Thankful You Did!

Sunday. Thankfully Sunday is the day of rest. It’s the day I try to do nothing at all. The day I try to force my SO to do even less :)! After a much needed trip to the grocery store, I am home now. Groceries put away. Lunches ready for the busy week ahead. Laundry done. Couch-bound. Writing. More than I intended to. Less than I probably should. It’s another cold night. 19. Warmer than last week, but still quite cold. Looking forward to a productive week ahead… with Old Man Winter being as silent as possible!




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