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CROSSome Log

Star Date: 12.01.2015

21.40h. 17 degrees. Light snow.

This will be short. Woke up this morning tired and feeling fuzzy. Contemplated actually staying home to rest. Instead I worked a full day. Took

It works!!

It works!!

Emergen-c when I got to the office at 09.00h. I know it’s been said by some that this stuff is nothing but BS, but I know it helps with the symptoms… and when combined with lots of water and sleep – you can avoid a bad cold like the plague!

I was home by 19.30h. It was a long ride home. Nothing to do with the falling snow – which has been non-stop since first thing this morning – but not amounting to much of anything (except to irritate those of us who know how to drive responsibly). I struggled to keep my eyes open for the majority of the 25 minute ride.  Another reason I know that my body is trying to tell me something. Soooo I’m listening.

Just finished my dose of Airborne.  I’m under the covers with the electric blanket on high high high! Off to the dark side… so that the light side will be worth it!!




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