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Star Date: 30.01.2015

11:28 PM. Light snow. 27 degrees.

It’s been over a week. So much for getting on this daily. Not going to beat myself up over the fact that I have not written daily… Tomorrow is a new day.

Over the last 28 days I’ve worked, stopped myself from getting a cold (Emergen-C and Airborne work!), traveled to the Great North Woods to visit with my mom, sister and brother-in-law, watched NFL football and NBA basketball, baked dozens of cookies and several pies, yelled at my sister for being a dumb ass with her money via FB messenger (because it was too damned late to call her when I got home from the office!), witnessed my SO finally crack down on his teenage son’s internet usage, listened as I heard the story of how I was thrown under the bus at work by an executive with the assistance of another colleague – who should have defended me, but chose not to, looked at a townhouse with my SO (and found that, sadly, it won’t work for our needs), finished watching the first 2 seasons of Mr. Selfridge (new guilty pleasure – that totally rivals Downton Abbey!), held 2 fund raisers at the office and a blood drive, scheduled travel for at least a half dozen employees and applied for 2 Indian VISA’s, went through 3 storms (with another on the way tomorrow into Saturday), witnessed FedEx and UPS give their drivers a “snow day” (first time in my life I’ve ever seen that in an area that I live!) and managed to stay home and sleep in my own bed for a whole weekend (last weekend)!

This week has been another blur. I am striving to get all the loose ends left over from last years chaotic mess done with before the end of February, so that the rest of 2015 will be normalized. Calmer. More peaceful. Less “reactive”. If only the whole world would stop for 3 days so I can just catch up!!

We are expecting another snow storm tomorrow into Saturday. The last “big blizzard” was an epic fail in our area! The news and weather people got everyone up here all jacked up only for it be less than half of what they predicted… this storm is supposed to bring 8-10 inches of snow. Will soon see how accurate they are this time! Tomorrow will be short day…. hopefully be home by 5 PM so I can relax… and then start cleaning out more of my basement storage in preparations for the big move in late spring!  It’s gonna be a busy next couple of months…

11:54 PM


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